How to create an account on this forum

In this document, we will help to guide you in the steps to create an account on this forum. We will also describe how to request access to various groups so that you can access particular categories here, such as member content if you are a SoFA member.

You may be creating an account on the SoFA website and on the SoFA Forum at the same time. If so, we request that you use the same user name for your account on the Forum as on the website.

From the main Forum page, choose the Sign Up button. The site will display a “Welcome! Let’s create your account” prompt. Fill out the form presented there and choose the Create your account button. The site will tell you that it has sent you an activation email.

In your email client, look for the activation email. It will have the subject line “[Sociocracy For All] Confirm your new account”. Click on the link in that email to activate your new account. Then, on the page that opens for that link, choose the Click here to activate your account button. The Forum site will provide you with some orientation prompts, which you can choose to follow if you want to learn more about how to use the Forum.


Now that you have an account, you can request access to particular groups. From the navigation menu, choose Groups. From the groups page, you can choose the Request button to initiate a request to join one of the groups listed there. (If you are a SoFA member, for example, you might request to join the “SoFA Member” group.)

We hope you enjoy participating in conversations with us on the Forum; please send us a message, either on the Forum or by email, if you have questions or feedback! We also invite you to respond to the introductory prompts in Meeting and learning about each other (an icebreaker thread). If you are a member, we have some additional prompts for discussion in an additional icebreaker thread for members. Welcome to our community!