How to maintain sociocratic culture and not default to the "old way"

Hi everyone, I really enjoyed our meeting yesterday. The “burning questions” discussion was great.

My burning question:
I’m in the process of starting up 2nd nano-school about 50m away from current one with a different partner organisation. I’m thinking about replication and the current expression of Sociocracy which still very new in the original nano-school. How do you maintain sociocratic culture in the midst of a dominant autocratic culture? I’m torn between replication (a big need) and leaving too early.

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Hi Brad,

I find that there is usually one “champion” of sociocracy per project, and that person determines the cultural expression and holds space for people to unpack their authoritarian past. I think it’s important to train up a new “champion” before you go, that person can be unfamiliar with sociocracy but needs to be deeply committed to culture change and values such as egalitarianism and consent.

Best of luck!

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