I announce my decision to withdraw from SoFA. Best wishes to all my friends

I announce my decision to withdraw from SoFA.
Please delete all my personal data from the SoFA records.
Best wishes to all my friends.


I decided to withdraw from SoFA as well.

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I just wonder what can that be the motives?
Thinking that Sociocracy teach us and help us to integrate and not to dissipate, and counting that you are one of the clearest minds on how to apply Sociocracy… it only let me the sense that something is not working as it should at SoFA organisation! And that is really worriesome!
On the other hand SoFA is not and wouldn’t be the only organisation that carries the flag of Sociocracy to the world.
Wish you all the best in your new enterprises!
Humble and grateful for your help in my path.

Mario Hernández



I appreciate your curiosity and passion for sociocracy and for the vision and mission of SoFA. One of the things I’ve appreciated most about sociocratic practice is the choice to participate in a circle–or not. Each of us comes to the work in our own way and our collective efforts benefit from multiple perspectives, but sometimes there needs to be separation–even if for only a short time. SoFA has been actively developing and utilizing conflict resolution and other practices and policies (see the Policy Manual).

I believe an initial conversation to offer support has been offered to you. Whether you are working through burnout or conflict or choosing to move in a different direction, I am sure there are many in SoFA that can empathize. As you said: best wishes to and from your friends.

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Rhonda, do you “believe” or do you “know” that an initial conversation to offer support has been offered to me? Precisely when? How early in the chronology of time?

Do you know that I responded to warnings by asking clarifying questions but I never received any answer to them?

“Believing” and “knowing” are two different situations and if necessary I could offer in depth clarification.

Do you know that there are levels of priorities regarding the students in the Academy?

On 2023, October 12 I bought the printed version of this book:

[“Collective Power: Patterns for a Self-Organized Future by Ted J. Rau” [English edition] (print) but I didn’t received it yet.

Could someone check and send me the book? I paid for it, even if in the meantime I am no longer a SoFA member. Thanks.

My phone number is there, to be used by those who will deliver the package.

Book is on its way! As usual, let me know if you don’t receive it, ideally directly to speed things up.