I would like to learn from all of you

I would like to learn from all of you

Maybe you don’t have something to learn from me, but I have everything to learn from you.

Are you willing to let me learn from you?

I guess there are people who already know everything inside and outside the sociocracy realm.

I honestly confess that I am not in this category of “omniscience” and I guess I won’t join it too soon.

I am in a life-long continuous learning process.

Badges are interesting milestones and signs of recognition for me as they are for anybody else, but for me learning is much more.

Theory is extremely important to me, but practice is irreplaceable.

Learning experiences outside a circle role or outside a course always offer me a diversity of learning experiences and also the opportunity to make new human connections.

I see sociocracy as an open source product.

We all use the same “organizational language” but the line codes are different from person to person so the final script and the corresponding results could be quite different in different circles or organizations.

To really form an overall picture for myself, I am aware that I need more and diverse learning experiences so here and now I make a clear statement:

I would like to learn from all of you.

Are you willing to let me learn from you?

I would like to participate as a guest in some of your meetings to listen and be inspired. I am not sure I could bring inspiration in your meetings, but for sure my sociocratic consciousness would enlarge and my sociocratic understanding would increase.

There are so many people I would like to know and so many ideas I would like to explore in your sociocratic companionship.

Please teach me by your example and share with me your behavior in sociocracy by letting me be present as a guest in your meetings.

I don’t have too much to teach you, but I have a lot to learn from you.

If I had to bet on something, I would bet on your sociocratic friendship.

Your friend,
because I care