"I'd prefer secret ballot" - selections

“I’d prefer a secret ballot. Why do I have to do my nomination publicly”

The intention of sociocracy is to make better decisions with more transparency. The selection process is no exception. The better we understand where we each are coming from, the better we can work together as a team. Secret ballot comes from a time where people had to face repercussions when they voted the “wrong” way. That’s not the case in sociocracy.
One thing to keep in mind is that the nomination round is affirmative. We nominate those we think are going to be good in the role. It’s likely that it’s `positive’ information.

It’s not a round of `who is going to be bad at the role’… we wouldn’t want to do that round either! Not only is it not pleasant but - more importantly - it’s irrelevant information to talk about why we don’t nominate the people we don’t nominate.

Of course, it’s always hard to choose. A related question is S: Can people abstain or pass during a nomination round?

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This is so helpful. I definitely had this question a few times last year when we started using sociocractic practices. There seems to be a default to secrecy in selection procedures, and some people find the change to open selection upsetting almost on grounds of etiquette.