Ideas for Trainings and Further Engagement

Has SoFA ever done a diversity, equity and inclusion training? I bet that could draw a crowd.

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That has not happened yet.
Yeah, I’m sure it would be great.

The new Social Justice Statement, once approved, will bring implications on training as well!

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@brian.tohana do you mean offering them to the public, or to SoFA Members?

If for SoFA members:
This would be a part of Member development - if you have specific ideas, this would be a great place to put them:

There are a number of book ideas for that in the thread already. @jerry.koch-gonzalez was recently selected as Member Development Coordinator in Membership circle, so look out for more member events:

If for the general public…
That’s a neat idea - I think we would need to find the right people to do that. It’s important work, but needs to be done well.

I was thinking it’s a standardized training to the general public. It seems to align well with what SoFA’s all about and would resonate with HR and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion specialists, leaders and facilitators who want to round out their training. Similar to NVC, it seems foundational to me.

I put it forth because I was asking myself both:“How can we bring new people into SoFA and what would appeal to them?” plus “How can we bring more value to existing members?”

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I’m 1000% for this idea and want this to be a significant part of what I contribute within SoFA.

I started with this article.

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