IF: How can we do circle feedback?

Circle feedback can be done in a lot of ways but a very simple and effective format is the following: each circle member will be focus person once. For each focus person, we follow the same process: the focus person reflects how they showed up in the circle both in operations and in meetings (interpersonally, related to content and regarding process). This will include both aspects the focus person is content with and aspects that the focus person would like to grow in. After the focus person has spoken, a round begins where people can add to the list of aspects around the focus person or reacts to what the focus person said about themselves. After every circle member has spoken, the focus person gets a chance to acknowledge, comment or express gratitude. The circle then shifts to a new focus person and the process begins again. The process is complete when every circle member has been focus person once.

For more information, check out our handbook Many Voices One Song chapter 4