Implications of Organizational Memberships for Ecosystems and Sector Circles! :)

There are some significant implications of Organizational Memberships for SoFA, especially in Ecosystems and Sector Circles.

Some of the largest are that, in order to really make Organizational Memberships viable, we need more communities of practice!

But really, it goes deeper than that alone. Organizational Memberships give ecosystem circles a way to network not just with individuals, but with groups! That’s so important since sociocracy isn’t something that can be practiced alone, and cannot simply be championed by individuals. It needs to be adopted by communities.

This connects to many ideas in development in Content Production circle, like the developing vision for an ‘Implementation Drip’ or ‘Ongoing Education Subscription’, as well as Empowered Learning Circles (for group learning). These are key tools and benefits which can help make sociocracy successful for groups, but depend on a closer understanding and closer connections with various sectors and their specific cultures and applications.

I’m curious to see how Ecosystems and sector circles will come together around a sort of shared objective fitting into SoFA’s developing offerings like Organizational Memberships (which includes things like “Community of Practice” access, the implementation tools, and ELC!

What kinds of implications do you see for Ecosystems with Organizational memberships?