Improvement Plan Accountability Thread

Hello fellow SoFA members,

How many have you created an improvement plan as part of your performance review? When is the last time you looked at your improvement plan, or thought about it? I’ll be the first to admit that I forgot about it for the past couple of months. So I created this thread where people can share about their improvement plan and the progress or struggles they encounter in following it.

You can see my improvement plan here
Plan: Block out times to organize work focus on:

  • Chunking tasks

  • Delegating

  • Support to others

  • Continue work out loud & collaborative circle operations practices

    • especially for website circle narratives
    • Include a feeling about work
    • Asking the circles about prioritization when unsure
  • Consider working way into General circle? Or cross-circle collaborative helping circles?

  • Laine will make a report of steps they take towards these goals and can share it with people when they want

Term: 1 year, 11-29-23

Progress so far:
I think I’ve made a lot of improvements at delegating tasks and asking for help and Website Circle has done some work to create structures that make doing that a lot easier for me. For example, we have an operational meeting most of the circle attends instead of me needing to schedule as many 1:1 meetings with people or sending out email/slack messages that didn’t get much engagement so that more than just me is aware of the things that need to be done.

Definitely still have further room for improvement in planning out my week. I have continued to post in work out loud at least once a month, sometimes forget about the feeling bit.

I was part of the Marketing Strategy Helping Circle, am in a helping circle about updating L10N workflows, and might be part of an ELC UX Improvement helping circle if it forms. I have listened to both Ted and John tell me why they think I should join general circle, and I continue to contemplate about what I want my role(s) in SoFA to look like going forward.

This post is a report about steps I’m taking towards my improvement plan.