In Sociocracy, does it make sense to write down nominations first before sharing in the nomination round?

Yes. The idea is to get people’s original ideas in the nomination round. If people don’t write their own nomination down before that round, sometimes they are swayed too soon or get embarrassed and don’t share their original idea. To prevent the narrowing down of ideas, we ask circle members to write them down. It can be a private note, a private chat message, a piece of paper that is turned in, writing it into a shared document at the same time – whatever you do, create some accountability to people’s own ideas while making sure people don’t see each other’s ideas as they are thinking about theirs. It doesn’t have to be strict or rigid – it’s not a test! Explain that original ideas are valued and keep it playful and light.

For more information, check out our handbook Many Voices One Song section 3.6