In Sociocracy, how do we do this asynchronously (virtually, not in a meeting)?

You can make a decision asynchronously – the only thing to keep in mind is that you’d have to move the group through the equivalent of each “round” or phase virtually then. You’d have to present the proposal and make sure everyone understands it or has the option to have their clarifying questions answered. Then you’d want to hear a reaction from everyone. Finally, there’s consent.

In our experience, this is far from ideal. It often takes a lot of time because the response time for each step tends to be long if we have to wait to hear back from every circle member. Jumping right to consent doesn’t seem ideal either because we’d want to make sure the proposal is understood. Also, we miss out of the temperature check that quick reactions deliver as well as the possibility to deliberate and build on each other’s opinion.

There are hybrid versions, like asking for consent asynchronously and moving it to a meeting as soon as it’s getting complicated.