In Sociocracy, how do we get from proposal ideas to a proposal?

If the group has a list of proposal ideas in front of them, sometimes all it takes is some re-ordering and cleaning up language and the proposal is ready to make a decision on.
Other times, proposal ideas are a long list of conflicting ideas. In that case, try to identify parts that are straightforward and consolidate them so you can shift your attention to the stickier aspects. It might be useful to do reaction rounds on one or two hot topics but sometimes it’s easier to move forward first and see in the consent process what rises to the level of objections. The goal is never to have a perfect proposal. “Perfect” takes too long and is not efficient. All it takes for now is good enough. Remember this policy is not cast in stone. Add a term to the proposal (for example 12 months). If the proposal seems risky, make the term shorter.
We discourage synthesizing a proposal as a group. Pick one or two people to do it, either during the meeting or between meetings, simply because it’s more time-efficient.

For more information, check out our handbook Many Voices One Song sections 3.2 and 3.3