In Sociocracy, is there a process for appealing decisions?

In sociocracy, there is not a specific process for appealing decisions since all decisions are made by consent. Instead the focus is placed on using feedback to arrive at a decision in the circle that has authority. The circle can ask for feedback from another circle such as a helping circle or a broader circle. The intention is to avoid “higher” circles playing judges. Generally, if a circle really can’t make a decision, it gets moved up but that brings a lot of other issues and needs to be avoided. Framing it in “leave decision in circle but ask higher circle” is the best.

Some organizations define appeal policies on top of the standard sociocratic process. This is best done in the context of a general policy of conflict prevention and resolution that defines the processes of what happens when circles can’t internally address tensions and conflict.

For more information, check out our handbook Many Voices One Song chapter 3