In Sociocracy, what are your thoughts on rotating facilitation?

In general, this is possible and can be desired to give more people a chance to get experience. The potential downside is that if the role of facilitator includes preparing the meeting, this often doesn’t happen with rotating facilitation. Find a way to make sure meetings are just as well prepared by rotating facilitators as they would be with ongoing facilitators. Also, with rotating facilitation, it can be hard to improve because facilitation situations are too infrequent. A better strategy to give more people more experience is to make short terms, for example every 4 meetings.

For more information, check out our handbook Many Voices One Song section 2.3.4

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I think rotating facilitation is for circles, where all members in the rotation have expertise in facilitation - otherwise I will advise against it.

There is a enormous difference between good and bad facilitation. I believe, that sociocracy stands and falls with the quality of facilitation and bad facilitation may lose the cause of sociocracy altogether

Good facilitation is not only about experience. It is also about understanding the whole system and the problems of facilitation. For that understanding experience is necessary but not sufficient. The understanding will likely come with experience AND drawing on people who already have such understanding.

I believe the safest way to spread the expertise of faciitation is to have at least one person in the group that is good at it - one who understands facilitation principles and problems well, and then, when getting things done is priority, let them show how it works when it works well.

And when focus the priority is extending and strengthening the base of facilitators, allow some beginners to practice facilitation, while the person who has deeper understanding and experience provide supervision and debriefing etc.
If no person in the group has the expertise to provide supervision or a role model of good facilitation, I suggest that the group gets help. I think that for a group really to get good facilitation, it takes at least one person who is willing to take responsibility for collecting the inspiration, understanding and experience of facilitation, even if it is at the expense of other activities.