In Sociocracy, who prepares the meetings?

In general, every circle makes their own policy on meeting preparation. The standard way is for the facilitator, leader, and secretary to prepare a meeting agenda. The idea is that the leader has an idea of the future of the circle’s work, while the secretary holds the circle’s records from the past and the facilitator is situated in the present of the circle’s process. Each contributes to planning a meeting that connects all parts, moving the circle forward.

In this curriculum, by default, the leader prepares the meetings. You can change that by consent.

For more information, check out our handbook Many Voices One Song section 5.4.2

“There is variety in how sociocratic organizations set the agenda for their circle meetings. One practice is to have the leader, facilitator and secretary prepare the agenda proposal. The initiative comes from the facilitator who will contact the leader and secretary. Facilitators will have to have an agenda proposal ready at the meeting, so facilitators are relying on there being an agenda more than everyone else. Ideally, the agenda is made by secretary, facilitator and leader, bringing together past, present and future as shown in figure 173 (add picture? And figure 174?)”

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