Interested in forming an “Exploration Circle” to explore intersections between sociocracy and commoning?

The world we have inherited is no longer working.

The good news is …. commoners are building a new world of possibilities right now, through land trusts and relocalized food, collaborative finance and artist collectives, gift economies and open-source everything: essential tools for the transitions ahead.

David Bollier

SoFA’s June 9th webinar with David Bollier introducing “the commons” has triggered considerable interest in exploring the intersections between sociocracy and the global “commons “movement.

David presented a concise overview of “commoning”, highlighting many of the intersections between it and sociocracy - watch the video Contemporary Commons and Changemaking - David’s presentation is from 5:10 - 38:16 - it’s preceded by Jerry’s introduction, and followed by a Q & A session

This raises some interesting questions. For example:

  1. What intersections might there be between sociocracy and commoning

    • What might trigger us to evolve sociocracy’s purpose, values, patterns, practices, tools and terminology? (because, sociocracy is not frozen, right?)
  2. Is SoFA a commons?

    • How might we evolve SoFA based on exploring this question?
  3. How might sociocracy become the preferred peer governance choice for the commons’ self-organizations?

    • Should it become the preferred method? ~ What else is out there?
    • If so, what needs to happen? If not, why not?

New to the Commons?

Resources: on-line versions of David’s books:

We (Ted, Jerry and Rodger) are considering forming a Commoning Exploration Circle (as a sub-circle of the Training Circle).

Questions? Reactions?


Count me in. I loved the webinar. Lots of lines of intersection, great kinship feeling. The view of the commons as more than a resource space but a living social system is exciting to me. I also appreciate the references to Indigenous lifeways.

Let me know how to connect. I’m interested. Not sure about circle membership but open to consideration.

Thanks, Rodger for initiating this thread.


Great idea. I’m interested too!