Is people's prosperity a good policy?

Dear friends,

I am amazed by the potential that sociocracy could bring in people’s lives, in terms of health, self-esteem, self-confidence, collaboration, enhanced creativity, and last but not least, prosperity.

Yes, a few years ago I said something like this: “my policy is your prosperity”.

I have advanced in this direction but still not enough, because collective prosperity is a matter of collective mentality.

Everyone tends to form his / her own life philosophy, but I think we could influence the speed with which people learn and especially the course (direction) of the world’s teachings.

Many may say that I live in an utopia. What would be the point of contradicting them?

Wasn’t sociocracy an utopia a few decades ago?

Things change as long as people believe that change is possible, and I guess appropriate action should be part of this process.

I also believe that dynamic governance and shared power could change the actual unbalanced distribution of power worldwide.

Do people really want this change? I hope so …

Someone told me I am a philosopher. Maybe he’s right, or maybe he’s not. I still wonder if people’s prosperity is a good “policy”.

I wonder, so I exist (I am) …

Adrian, your friend.