Let's prevent before there is a need to repair

Let’s prevent before there is a need to repair

If we limit ourselves to providing the contribution that is asked of us, it is as if we are complicit in limiting the overall progress.

The autonomy of the domains is welcome. At the same time, I think that everyone should feel free to send unsolicited input to any other field, when they consider it important.

I guess it is the duty of honor of every field to expose itself to external inputs, be aware of the available inputs and go through a process of selecting the relevant inputs before moving on to formulate a proposal and subsequently to take a decision.

External inputs will make the domain internal decision makers become more responsible on taking the decisions that could affect other circles and even the entire organizational environment.

In my opinion we are more efficient when we strive to prevent before we need to repair.

I think we can include the optimization process in all stages of the organizational activities. Or is it not worth the effort?

I feel that before we give feedback, we should take on the honorable duty of giving input.

Feedback is useful and necessary, but having the input inserted at the right time we could prevent tensions.

In order to perceive things in relief, it would be useful to have as many perspectives as possible. Or not?

Some of the reasons people don’t want to expose themselves to input are: a low self-esteem, a sense of self-satisfaction, the attachment to a certain outcome or even pride. Im sure you can find other reasons to reduce or even block inputs.

A well-timed input helps the process of researching the dimensions and could facilitate the synthesis of a proposal acceptable to many, if we care to do so, of course.

The principles of sociocracy are wonderful. I guess that if we implement them properly, we could progress together, without anyone being left behind.

Your friend,
because I care