Let's shape the political environment through sociocracy

Could we shape the political environment through sociocracy?

Every voice counts …”

Systems are more potent than good intentions …”

Sounds familiar to you?

I often dream about a political environment in which every voice counts.

The dictionary of my native language says that “politics is the science and art of governing …”

If it is science, it means that it could be learned, and if it is art, it means that it is a form of expression.

Personally, I think we don’t need political studies to imagine, create and use a political environment that would fit our needs and would work for most people.

I guess it takes innovation and courage to do it but I think it worth it to renew a drifting or even failing society.

Politics is actually the result of the contribution of each individual, either through involvement, through passivity or through indifference.

The outcome of the political environment is not a given. It is born out of what each of us does or doesn’t.

The law is made according to the needs of those who make it.

Are we involved enough in influencing the laws that are made?

Are we involved in the law making process?

Would be such an involvement useful for us?

Do we talk enough about our needs?

Do we make enough to fulfill our needs?

At least, do we intend to be more active and identify our common political ground?

Are our voices heard enough in the political environment or at least in society?

Do we have needs? Does past and current public policies take them into account? How far have you received what you were promised? Have you asked yourself, “Why?”

Because most people are not actively and deliberately present in the political environment, but let “them” decide for the rest of us (including our kids and grands).

Law is not good or bad. It is for the benefit of whoever does it. Do we participate in the legislative process?

If we still lack something, I guess it is because we don’t make our policy in society. However we have to conform to the laws made by “them”.

I believe that being intentional in making public policies is an honorable duty of every citizen.

We influence policy both through engagement and non-involvement.

Politics is for everyone because our lives, all of us, are influenced by the laws resulting from political decisions.

How about we stop tripping over small things so we don’t lose sight of the really important things?

What would it be like for all of us and each one of us to get involved right from today to have something to say about public affairs and politics that could solve our civic problems? Do we have something to say or do we let “them” to say something, always?

“They” solve “problems” in their own way only because we gave them our decision-making power.

How about having a say in how resources are allocated and the laws that affect us are made?

What do we solve just by observing and commenting? How about we stop being just spectators?

I like to actively influence the circumstances in which I live and I work. Do you?

Voting takes a few hours. Politics is done between elections, even every day, in the political environment. Are we there?

Who decides who decides what is taught in public schools?

Right! In most cases “they” decide, not us.

Politics is felt when we have to pay the bill, when we see what we manage to do with our income, when we cannot afford to give our children what they need and whenever we have to give up saying that we can not.

If it can’t be done, then why “they” can?

If “they” can, why we couldn’t?

For those who want to be present and make their voice be heard in the political environment, I make you an open public invitation: let’s make a political circle and explore how we could shape the political environment through sociocracy.

I guess that together we could make a better policy in society! What do you think?

Let’s start by making a dedicated “Political Environment” category in the “SoFA Members Discussion” section on the forum.

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because I care