Log keeping team operational meeting [2023-01-10]

Check in


  • Next meeting: talk with Nathalie at ITSU meeting about rescheduling full team meeting

Operational questions

  • Calendar events with no organizer? No clear answer on this…
  • Meeting template feedback from International Circle (regarding translations):
    • Include a comment in the document, or have a brief training?
    • New circles might not receive initial training, but can be part of onboarding process
    • Pia will include this information in International Circle training
    • John will include a note about this in SoMBu: good opportunity to provide a general reminder about the minutes template
  • Curious about map localization task, will wait for meeting with Nathalie to look at this more closely
  • Sending email “from” a Google Group: How can users send emails using a group address in Gmail? - Google Cloud Help
    • Pia to test this. :slight_smile:

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