May 29th: Exploring Self Governance in the Fediverse: A discussion about Decision making among a federated ensemble!

The Free and Open Source Content sector circle is hosting a discussion for Fediverse community members “Exploring Self Governance in the Fediverse: A discussion about Decision making among a federated ensemble!”

Members of any Fediverse project (basically, projects and platforms that use the activity pub protocol) - collectively run or not - are all welcome to come share your thoughts and experiences with decision making within the Fediverse.

Perhaps you’re a server admin, or a developer, or a community member - we want to hear about your experiences and talk shop about how we make decision together :slight_smile:

May 29 @ 15:00 - 16:30 UTC

Sign up to join on the event page:

Our aim is to delve into the existing decision-making practices and examine the challenges faced by various Fediverse-connected organizations, including server admins, coding projects, protocol designers, and the broader community. In addition, we’ll provide a brief (15-minute) overview of sociocratic principles and demonstrate their application throughout the meeting. We also hope to identify the next steps for Sociocracy for All’s Free and Open Source Content Circle and Fediverse community members to support your journey towards making decisions with equity, efficiency, empowerment, trust, and transparency using sociocracy.

You’ll get to experience a sociocratically facilitated meeting along the way :slight_smile:


Time min Topic
0:00 5 Welcome and agenda presentation, introduce FOSC and SoFA
0:05 15 Introduction round, get to know each other
0:20 30 Understanding tensions within current common governance models
0:50 15 Sharing sociocratic practices
1:05 15 Next steps for FOSC?
1:20 10 Check-Out
1:30 End