Method, System, People and Resources in Sociocracy

Method, System, People and Resources in Sociocracy

Do we approach sociocracy holistically?

As we all know, to have a living system we need more than a group of elements, cells or organs.

For example, if we would have all the cells of a body put together, we wouldn’t have a functional body yet, if those cells wouldn’t be interconnected and wouldn’t work together accordingly.

What is the point here? A system is much more than a group.

Even in one cell, there are a lot of parts that have to work together.

Beyond all that, even when all these are put together, something else is needed to make the transition from amorphous to a living system. You could name it however you want. I will call it “vitality”, meaning “life”.

From the books I learned that sociocracy was inspired by living systems. Does this inspiration ended or could we be continually inspired?

In a human body, for example, there is a huge communication system from the parts to the central analyzing system and back to each of the living organs.

The central system is so organized to be able to process all the information and to have a representation of reality not from week to week, or hour to hour but on each moment. Otherwise, if the analyze and decision-making process wouldn’t be in “real time” some parts would risk to become nonfunctional.

Now, let’s come back to what interest us, namely sociocracy.

We are implementing it in society on Earth, not on the Moon, right?

There are many influences on Earth, and we must have to go beyond them and survive each time. Or not?

In this case, to survive as a system, is it enough to learn and practice just sociocracy or is it necessary to train ourselves in other aspects of life as well, or in other words, to optimize ourselves on a personal and collective level?

Where do you think the “vitality” a living system need to live and survive should come from?

Were is energy we need coming from?

How do we renew the energy / vitality we continually need?

Do we have that energy / vitality reserve we need to overcome crisis situations that we may face on our journey?

Which are the parts of a sociocracy based system?

Yes! People

Are we take into consideration that our system is made by people / with people and that they bring (or not) their energy, and vitality to move on?

As I see, the organization is like a coin with two sides. On one side there is the sociocracy method and methodology which are perfect in theory. On the other side are “We, The People” with our resources (time, energy, vitality, knowledge, expertise, creativity and money). Between the two sides of the coin is the system that should keep the two different sides together.

Are we able to manage the two sides of the coin just as good so that our coin become a trusted currency in the world.

As you already know, all my words are “my voice” and represent only me and nobody else.

Your friend,
because I care

p.s. I think we could do much more together and we could access much more resources if we succeed to realize that we need “togetherness” to become a living system, not just a project. I still believe that there is a “next level” for sociocracy and that we could reach it together, and with joy. Best wishes to all of you!