Mission Circle sense-making session

Hey there
SoFA Mission Circle does a sensing session each meeting, with different topics. We often look at a similar question from two sides - external and internal. Like what’s going on in the world? And what’s going on inside SoFA, from a high-level view?

Last month, we had talked about the Climate movement, and how SoFA relates to it. I know many of us are active in climate groups and other environmental groups. And there are more causes, and they’re all linked and intertwined.
So with that, we wanted to look at the inside of SoFA now. What does all this mean to SoFA?

Here’s the official prompt:

The issues in the world are complex and intertwined. Sociocracy is a good tool to make decisions under these circumstances. Given that we can’t do everything, what are the places where our contribution makes the most sense? And what does that mean for SoFA?

If you’re curious, you can watch the 18min recording of the sensing session. It was just scratching the surface so we’re going to continue.

We’d love to hear thoughts on the topic!