My new book is about shared decision-making and includes a section about sociocracy

Hello everyone,
I joined SoFA when I participated in the translation of “Many Voices One Song” and I’m happy to share that I just published my own book, called “Shared Decision-Making in the Corporate Arena.”
It gathers 50 real-life stories in 34 organizations in 14 countries, based on 19 interviews and research over the last 10 years (including many references like MVOS of course): my intention is to show how all kinds of organizations have found ways to involve more people in their decision-making, with an impact on the teams, the organizations’s sustainability and the planet (ie society and environment.) I believe it can help others follow that direction.
Chapter 5 is about sociocracy and holacracy, with examples.

I’m always happy to share about the stories and concepts in my book: feel free to reach out and we’ll talk! I thank you in advance for your feedback.

The description of my book is here:
You my buy it for you or for someone else here:

The next step for these stories is to set up conferences in organizations: if you have contacts in the kind of organizations mentioned in the book and believe their teams and leaders could benefit from a participative conference, let me know!

Have a wonderful week,

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Hello @lorraine.margherita,

Congratulation for your book “Shared Decision-Making in the Corporate Arena



  1. Everyone in the organization is considered a leader.
  2. Everyone’s work is visible to others.
  3. A not-too-distant future inspired the IT teams.
  4. Agility is as much about doing as it is about being.
  5. Small trials with constant verification drive change with an agile mindset.
  6. The organization favors the engineers’ ability to tackle a wide range of issues.
  7. People learn and grow along with the organization.
  8. “Blameless Postmortems” help create a learning culture.
  9. Shared decision-making is about having a clear place and role for everyone.
  10. A Code of conduct is updated on a regular basis, with the Purpose and the principles of the organization.
  11. The organizational structure reflects the foundational principles around innovation and shared decision-making.
  12. Purpose means that everyone finds a place in the organization.

I will set the necessary time to read your book.

Now I’m reading Ted’s new book Collective Power Did you have the chance to read it?

I also invite you to join us on SoFA “Self-Governance and Money conference 2023” on Sept 28+29, 2023 (this week).

Do you think we could collaborate on the SoFA @work community of practice? I guess you could inspire many people. If it would be a useful / interesting experience for you as well, let’s keep in touch. There are a lot of opportunities which could arise from the Sociocracy For All environment and ecosystem. We could explore them together.

Best wishes!

Fantastic! Congratulations!

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Just bought a copy (thanks to SoMBu for the tip!) - looking forward to reading it!

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Hello Adrian and thank you for your kind words.
I apologize for my slow answer.
Let’s talk about the community of practice and exploration: I’m not sure how we can connect, I might use Linkedin.
Talk to you soon!

Thank you Ted and sorry for being away from this board in the last month or so.
I hope your recent book and the translation of “Many Voices” in French (that’s how I got involved with Soda) will help organizations become more responsible!
Let’s keep in touch.

Thank you Ania, I appreciate it.
I’m looking forward to hearing any thoughts or impression you want to share when you read the book. Let’s keep the conversation going!