My sociocracy content creator journey goes on

I was asked “one last time” to limit my posting on the forum.


I keep getting messages from members about your posting. Many people are feeling frustrated at the amount of posting you are writing and the few posts from other members get lost in the multiple content you create.

There is no need to comply with any policy, I’m just asking for you to be considerate to others. So I’m asking one last time to please limit your posting on the forum.

Well, if this helps, I choose to limit my posting on the forum.

I don’t want to disturb anyone.

However, my sociocracy content creator journey will continue …

In case you are interested in what I have to say, you can find my posts here:

Best wishes!

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I don’t believe it!!
Was it a Sociocratic consent ?
Or just the opinion of someone that “got many complains “?
I would like to read at least the 4 different solutions suggested to the “problem “.
Since I read mostly all postings I can say in my humble opinion:
If one in the team is writing a lot of postings it means there is more writing Abilities/time to do so. If this member texts are of good qualities, and are many responses to those posts, then it’s clear that is not good idea to reduce the quantity!
Then I can say that you have more catchy titles in your posts and normally 8 of 10 I start reading one of yours first.
About the suggested solutions : If there was not consider the possibility that you could have more responsibility in the editing team and choose the titles of the posts and have a balance so they touch different aspects of Sociocracy , then there is no vision on what to do to grow and have content.
My English may not be soooo clear but I definitely think and feel that the decision was weak.
Thanks for writing it has inspired me many times to take action.
Mario Hernández, in Sweden


I enjoy your content.


Here are three different solutions that had been previously suggested:

  • Submit articles for publishing on the website, instead of the discussion forum. The website is more of a publication platform than a discussion location, though some articles are cross-posted here for discussion.
  • Match pace with other forum posters.
  • Post content that elicits and gets more replies and forum engagement

And one that wasn’t previously suggested:

  • create a special forum topic for this type of content which people can unsubscribe or subscribe to

Of course, publishing the content on another platform (like LinkedIn) is also a solution, though I think SoFA’s losing a great asset and content creator if the other solutions aren’t explored :cry:

The original feedback was from SoFA Support Services Circle, which has the domain of forum moderation after receiving feedback from multiple sources and considering the balance of posting on the forum.

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Hey, @cj.oreilly,

Thank you for the 4th proposal. I guess “a special forum topic for this type of content which people can unsubscribe or subscribe to” could work for all at the same time, as people could choose to subscribe or unsubscribe for this kind of content.

In case those in charge of the forum activity would find an appropriate and appealing name for this “special forum topic” and in case my content creator presence/contribution will be considered welcome there, I will be glad to contribute again, not embarrassing anybody, right?

I hope we won’t have that unmeasurable “too many posts” related discussion. Could I suggest to the circle/domain responsible for the discussion forum to decide where “too many posts” starts?

I would take this into consideration because people outside the SoFA Environment used the links I provided to visit the SoFA Discussion Forum and so more people became aware about SoFA and sociocracy.

I appreciate people who are solution oriented, so I appreciate your 4th proposal. It works for me as well. Let’s see what the forum responsible domain will decide on this subject. Please consider my comment just a feedback …

Best wishes,

Thank you, CJ. The fact that you care matters to me. As you probably know, there were also people who enjoyed my posts, whether they reacted (commented) or not… The fact that someone did not comment does not mean that s/he can necessarily be included in the category of people bothered by my posts, right?

I love sociocracy. I’m not a “one man show” but I do my best to spread the word about sociocracy “in each corner of the society”. “To promote sociocracy locally and globally as a sustainable way of governance” it’s part of the Sociocracy For All mission, right?

Let’s enjoy sociocracy together.

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