New and surprising need to log in to the Forum directly

Until recently, when you needed to log in to this Forum, you would log in to the Sociocracy For All website, and that would also log you in to the Forum. In recent work in Website Circle, we (and particularly @Lainewyne) discovered that there may be a problem with this process, so for the time being we are switching it so that you have to log in to the Forum directly. This probably means that when you next need to log in to the Forum, you will need to use the password reset process to set a password for your account here. That process works by sending you an email with a link that you need to follow.

If you have any problems (and as a result may not be able to log in and post here), please let us know at our IT support email address (<>).

We will be working to try to identify the original problem and restore the website log in capability; we will keep you informed here as we make progress on that.

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Thanks, I just used your process to log into this Forum directly