New role (paid): Learning administration

This role lives in Training Circle; it’s undefined whether this person will be a regular member of Training Circle.

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Learner administration

Circle holding the role: Training Circle

Aim & activities

  • GH Tag management (experience tags)
    • Making sure all learners get the right experience tags
    • Tracking experience tag numbers
    • Correcting tags
  • Making sure events are posted (via WCP or self)
  • Outreach for classes
    • Writing and sending leveled newsletters
    • Doing targeted outreach for higher classes based on segmented search
    • Support Outreach/social media for outreach (info)
  • Supporting students in signing up for classes
    • responding to emails
    • giving out group discounts
    • Scholarships
    • Assembling class lists
    • Correcting tags (for cancelations etc.)
    • Respond to
  • Sending prep and follow-up
    • Reminder emails
    • Editing recordings
    • Sending follow-ups
      Guided by: Modules
      Handoffs to other circles/roles WCP for event publishing

Instructions for editing and Scheduling Training Posts as bridge for to Social Media

The payrate is not set yet and will be negotiated together.
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Yes, let’s see if this is a good fit.

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