New SoFA members

Are new members a gift or a burden?

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to each new SoMBu to catch up on the latest information shared.

All the sections are interesting, but I particularly like the section where the new members of SoFA are announced.

How about instead of just announcing the new members, we also organize a welcome meeting for the new members, make them feel that they are important to us, appreciate that they have made the decision to join SoFA and thank them for having the confidence to join us.

Each new member would like to learn things and probably has personal expectations.

How can we take them into account if we don’t talk to them in an environment where new members feel safe and truly welcome?

How about proving that for us, a new member is not just a name or a number, but is a person and even a new colleague?

Perhaps you already know that sometimes people forget what you told them but they never forget how they felt in your presence.

Most of the new members are shy to express themselves and probably they want to find out that we are really interested in hearing their voices. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful and memorable human experience for them?

How about being more interested in the new members?

How about doing more carefully and more fully what we preach?

When new members join us, are we really joining them as well?

Are we only interested in their payments or are we also interested in their life experience?

Are we really interested in the contribution they could bring or do we consider that we already know enough or that we already have enough?

Are we sufficiently interested in the first impression a new member forms of SoFA?

Do we already have a plan to offer them so that they can integrate into the life of SoFA or do we let them wait in the anteroom until the time comes to pay the fee again or possibly a donation?

I don’t think personalizing emails generates a sufficiently authentic and durable connection.

Even if we send a personalized email, the person can easily tell if we really care or we just send information.

I understand that in order to facilitate an authentic integration in the organization, availability is needed on our part, of those who are already part of it.

To what extent do we already have this availability or to what extent should we deliberately form it, as an absolutely necessary skill to collaborate with purpose?

Are we really interested in listening the “new voices”?

People are not stupid.

I think people will treat us the way we treat them. Or not?

When we don’t care, people won’t care.

When we don’t listen, people won’t listen.

When we put them off, they will put us off.

There is always a mirroring … or not?

You already know that what I’m saying is just my voice and that it doesn’t represent anyone else, right?

Adrian, your friend.

p.s. I would really like to meet you and talk to you. If you want the same thing, what could prevent us from getting to know each other, even if only virtually?

Interesting thoughts.
In fact, answering to your title question, I suppose there is a little bit of both, and two different timings.
A new member is a potential gift: in theory it adds to the variety of points of view.
A new member is a real burden, sometimes: them introduce an inbalance in a circle that is perhaps starting to find its rhythm and balance.
Especially when there is a huge inbalance in life experience and sociocracy experience, an onboarding process and a mentor seem to be vital to discover the gift hidden in the burden.
Enjoy your Holidays, my friend

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Thank you, my friend. I will enjoy my Holidays!
Have a nice holiday too. :hugs:

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