Nights and Days

Nights and Days

Nature will always have the last word to say.

That’s why I like sociocracy, because it is inspired by the living systems.

One of the natural principles is that:

On Earth, if we stay in the same place there will be nights and days.

To continuously enjoy the sunlight we should move continuously.

But we also need some rest. That’s why we need nights as well.

I guess it’s not something that will surprise you, but after the night will consume its time, another day will come. Good news, right?

This is also the pattern for a community life: days and nights.

In the Community of Practice for the Facilitators we had a night time, for a while. Right now we still see just “the Moonlight”.

Is this “The End”? I don’t think so. If we really want to spread sociocracy worldwide, we must take care of our facilitation light, then the sun will rise.

I invite you to join our Community of Practice for Facilitators and share with all of us your knowledge and understanding of facilitation and I am sure we will strengthen each other by learning from each other.

Please leave a message in case you are interested and we will send you an invitation.

If you are not interested, please spread the word. I am sure there are people who are looking for that but don’t know about this opportunity yet.

Thank you.

Your friend
because I care

p.s. Could we have a dedicated category for facilitators in the “Communities of Practice” forum section? I guess it would be helpful.