Notes, anchors and patterns in the learning process

Notes, anchors and patterns in the learning process

When learning, I used to take notes. Why? Notes help me remember almost instantly a topic or a subject. I like to remember key words, then the whole story easily comes into my mind. Notes provide me an anchor in the learning process and help me have structure and a pattern in my mind.

What is your way to learn?

I will share with you 35 min. video about Integrate inner sociocracy into training as opportunity for practice sustained by Pierre Houben from Sociocracy For All.

Here you have a short description:

Let’s explore how inner sociocracy can be applied in a training setting. How can you invite people as a trainer to build the bridge between their knowledge and sociocracy applied in a real situation? In this micro training you will shape your own training session in which your future participants will experience sociocracy on a personal level. The focus will be on a feedback-learning-loop. This is a follow-up training from the topic talk “Storytelling about the practice of inner sociocracy”

It is a video with simple information and ready to apply in daily life. In case you have time, you may get a look.

I already know some people that were present in that event: Pierre Houben, Audrée Morin, Roberto Ballerini and Andrew Grant. In the video there are also other people interested in Sociocracy that I don’t know yet.

I invite you to enjoy the video and I would appreciate any feedback, including something about your personal learning process or practice journey.

Adrian, your friend.