Now, what can we do?

Now, what can we do?

We are here as a result of what we have already experienced.

We have been through different situations, so we can complement each other, if we understand that we are all important at the same time.

We don’t have to wait another time to become important. Eventually, time will bring us more experience, but not importance.

If we are not important right now, will we become more important in the future?

The feeling of self importance could rise in an instant or could stay unborn forever.

You could already feel important, regardless of whether others admit it or not.

First, everyone must recognize and accept their own importance, and after that, it is likely that others will gradually begin to recognize that importance as well.

A marker of the level of importance someone feels is the contribution they make to the world.

People who feel important contribute, believing that their contribution matters.

When something happens and a change is needed, many ask: “Now, what can we do?

How many people ask themselves: “What could we have done that we haven’t done yet?

What if we make a habit of asking ourselves questions before we need a solution? Isn’t that part of the exploration?

Saying something that will turn out not to be important, useful or appreciated does not cause damage, but not saying something that could have been useful could bring regret.

The principles of sociocracy are wonderful. I guess that if we implement them properly, we could progress together, without anyone being left behind.

Your friend,
because I care