Objections: What are ways to integrate an objection?

There are three different approaches and they are often combined.

  • (1) Modify the proposal. Change the proposal slightly to meet the need expressed in the objection. For example, you can change the budget, make a measure optional, add a modification etc.
  • (2) Shorten the term. You can agree to leave the proposal unmodified and to try it out for a while. For example, you can shorten the term from 2 years to 3 months. In three months, there would be more information on how the policy has worked out which will make it easier to make a decision then.
  • (3) Measure the concern. In this strategy, the policy is left the same and a measure is put in place to find out whether the concern bears true. For example, if a proposed change in membership policy raises the concern that fewer people would join the organization, then a circle can still consent to the change and at the same time make sure to measure how many new people are joining in comparison to before the change. Often, this is combined with shortening the term and a thorough review of the new information after the term is up.

For more information, check out our handbook Many Voices One Song section 3.5 and read “Strategies for integrating objections”