Objections: What do you do with controversial decisions where the group is split?

Split decisions can be a tricky situation for a circle. A few helpful thoughts: try to stay open to other options. Thinking on an issue as a binary “either A or B” and assuming that A and B are incompatible will make it harder to be creative about solutions.

Creative solutions can also be:

  • (a) try each option for a set period of time
  • (b) try option A in one area/sub-set and option B in another with measures of how it’s going.

Ultimately, if there is no other way, do a selection process to nominate the different options as candidates of what proposal will be pursued further.
Split decisions can point to differences in aims; ask yourself whether you are in alignment regarding your circle’s or organization’s aim.

For more information, check out our handbook Many Voices One Song chapter 3