Offers and needs market - experience it

Hey, got this email and sharing it. If you’ve never exerienced an OANM, try it out!

We would love to have you, and anyone else from SOFA or your community join us on Wednesday, January 25th for the year’s first Offers and Needs Market (OANM)! In this event, the Post Growth Institute will guide you to articulate your offers and share your needs with other attendees. Your passions, skills, profession and community can all serve as a source for generating your offers and needs. Share as much or as little as you’d like, and meet interesting people from around the world.

Two separate sessions will be offered on January 25, 2023, for the two hours beginning at either 10 AM PT/ 18 UTC or 4 PM PT/24 UTC. Register for free (contribution is optional):


Well, that sounds very exciting! Have you attended an Offers and Needs Market, Ted? If so, I’m curious about your experience and your reactions to it! (This also goes for anyone else here who might have attended one, really.)

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It’s really neat what one can find out!

Wow I have one week to make a plan for how to earn all my training badges by meeting people this way.


Recommended! I’ve done the Offers and Needs Facilitator Training and ran an OANM at my community.
A fun, meaningful experience that helps people connect in creative, sometimes surprising ways.