Onboarding Completely New Members to Completely new Organization

What would be a thorough approach to Onboarding new members when just building an organization and when most people are not familiar with Sociocracy?
What would be a good way to prepare others when people are completely new to a non-hierarchical system of operation in nonprofit?

I guess more information about the circumstances would be useful.
Did you already decided in your group to use consent as a decision-making process and sociocracy to organize your community?
Whatever the situation is, I warmly recommend to read at least the book Who Decides Who Decides by Ted Rau. You could find it here:

I also recommend you to participate on the events offered by Sociocracy For All:

There are free intro presentations and also full classes.

Participating on SoFA Communities of Practice is another way to learn more about sociocracy. As any sociocratic circle need a facilitator, I invite you to register and participate in the community of practice for facilitators.


To find more about the Community of Practice for Facilitators I invite you to read this post:

I hope this response will be useful for you. Other people may add their own responses and so you will be able to make your own strategy to use and implement sociocracy in your community (organization).

Becoming a SoFA member is also a good opportunity to learn and practice sociocracy.

Best regards!

Thank you for these resources. We are exploring different ways of structure to decide for one. I thought there was some idea of the elements that we could have to invite people into teams and to onboard them before even explaining sociocracy. I imagine that the decision to use Sociocracy would come later. But first they need to be onboarded as a new team or mostly for potential members.