Organizational Membership Administrator (1-3h/week, paid)

Hey there
Organization Support is looking for someone to fill Shala’s big shoes as Organizational Membership Administrator.
Organization Support minutes
Your colleagues will be: @zujeil @audree.morin @TedRau @jerry.koch-gonzalez (and @shala.massey will be leaving to focus on other SoFA roles).

Email to inquire

Organizational Membership Administrator

Circle holding the role: Org Support

Aim & activities Activities:

  • Manage coupons & products for org members
  • Connect with Organizational Members
  • Support and train sector circles in managing sector specific organizational members
  • Arrange Organizational Membership activities
  • Support Organizational Membership promotions


  • Organizational Members
  • Organizational Membership Activities
  • Organizational Membership Forums (including CoP forums, lead moderation)

Guided by:

Organizational Membership Onboarding Workflow 2022

Handoffs to other circles/roles

Sector circles (for collaboration with OMs in their domain, currently Intentional Communities)

Hours/week or month 5-10+hrs/mo

(1-3 hrs/wk)

Pay $15 (or new agreement)

Current holder of the role: Shala Massey Term:
Leader of the circle (current) Ted

More details:


Hey, I´m interested! :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

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I am also interested in this role. :slight_smile: