Parents- Sociocracy and power struggles with children

I’ve noticed that sociocratic tools can really help to ease power struggles with children, in fact that’s one of the main reasons I wrote “Let’s Decide Together.” I’m quite familiar with schools, but I’m still really curious to hear more from parents who practice sociocracy. Have you tried consent decision-making or other sociocratic practices in your family, and how that has worked out?


This was not started consciously and is perhaps only sociocracy-adjacent but I just realized it does adopt some sociocracy tools and effects and it actually works in great ways for my family. When on a road trip or in a car for a longer time (or even just at home having a relaxed time), we sometimes listen to music collaboratively: we set up a queue on Spotify where each member takes a turn to pick a song that everybody will listen to - in the same order, cyclically, until we are done with listening to music. This way, the space is not dominated by any one person’s choices and we all get to see where others are at emotionally/aurally. I have been thinking a lot about how else to implement sociocracy into my family’s life (my kids are still very little but why not start early, plus I’d love to practice it with my husband too) - will report back if I come up with more ideas!


Wow, I love this idea! It’s kind of like taking “rounds” but with music instead of words. What a lovely way to connect as well.


Is there a plan to form a Families circle under the Ecosystems one? If so, I am definitely interested in joining it! If not, I will look into it :slight_smile:

Hi Ania,
That’s a great idea! We have a Schools and Education community of practice, as well as a forming Schools Consultants community of practice. A Families community of practice is a natural fit under Youth and Education. I work with several families individually to whom I could reach out. I’ll keep you posted!

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