Power to the Children documentary

I just found out about this documentary about the Children’s Parliaments in India. It looks really interesting and includes stories about how children have used sociocracy in their villages to make concrete changes, even presenting a proposal at the UN for global children’s parliaments. I’d be interested if anyone wants to have a watch party and discuss this. https://vimeo.com/232632141


I’d love to join that watch party too!
How about Aug 2 or Aug 3 18 UTC?

Interesting. @jerry.koch-gonzalez , connected me with their Africa movement last year but the communication went cold.

I’d be keen to watch. @TedRau I could make 6pm UTC on 3 August.

6 pm UTC on Aug 3 works for me too! I’m happy to rent the film and then share it over Zoom I guess so we can comment and have conversation? will look into other watch party options also and invite the rest of the Schools and Education circle. :slight_smile:

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Yay! Shall we open it to all SoFA members? Tagging Membership Circle @cj.oreilly @jerry.koch-gonzalez @Andy.Grant @pcarmona

Seems like a great membership development opportunity. Every SoFA member should have a basic understanding of the Children’s Parliaments.


OK with me! :slight_smile: I don’t know about how public to go with it i.e. should we pay a group screening fee to open it to X number people rather than a private viewing party of a small group?


Looked into it and as long as we’re not advertising to the general public, we’re good to just screenshare from one rental.


I’m into it!

What is their screening fee? Could be cool to open it to public…

Hmm not on the website, sent an email to ask. :slight_smile: