Power With vs. Power Over

Power With vs. Power Over

I recently learned a new lesson …

Any hierarchical structure defends its hierarchy.

No matter how much they claim otherwise, inclusive and participatory politics cannot be done in a hierarchical structure because most people who are already in positions within the hierarchy defend their positions (functions).

Even when it claims to be non-discriminatory, a hierarchical structure generates new criteria of discrimination so that the last arrivals cannot move up the hierarchy.

A hierarchical structure only needs people to support it, executors to fulfill the decisions already made at the top, but most people in a hierarchical structure do not participate in the decision-making process and their voices are not heard.

In a hierarchical structure it is impossible for every voice to count and in no case will all voices be heard.

People who have something to say and want to participate in fundamental change are marginalized or excluded, not to mention most are not included.

Let’s forget about the idea of ​​parties, even if at some point we will need a worldwide movement to be able to influence the current political environment and make a worldwide transition to a different kind of politics, made with people, by people not for people.

Politics for people has become a bad joke. Politics should be made by people themselves.

Hierarchical political parties claim to make politics for the people, when in fact they make politics for those at the top of the pyramid, no matter how “flat” that pyramid is.

I invite you to build together a political community where the main idea is to awaken, activate and train our political consciousness being inclusive and participatory. Let’s every voice count. I guess this is possible using sociocracy for dynamic governance.

We can explore our common political denominator and use the power of numbers (the power of being many) to influence the political environment in such a way as to improve the circumstances in which we live and work worldwide.

The current political parties are too “small” or too rigid to facilitate a participatory and inclusive way of doing politics.

It’s time for less hierarchies and for more politics.

It’s time for a new way to do politics.

It’s time to do politics with people, by people not for people.

Inequities will only diminish as people get involved.

Your friend
because I care

p.s. Unfortunately most people are still waiting for a “political savior” ignoring the fact that they could save themselves.

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