[READ BEFFORE POSTING] About the SoFA Members Discussion category

This category is for SoFA Member discussion.

Please note, discussions in this category are visible to everyone on the internet, but only SoFA Supporting Members and Working Members can participate. There is a Private Discussion sub-category for SoFA Members as well.

If you are a SoFA Member, you can request to be added to the group here. This will allow you to post!

  • Reflect about your circle work;
  • Get feedback from SoFA members on wider discussions
  • Network - find other people from the SoFA network who are working on similar questions or with similar clients.

Is there any part of the forum that is not visible to everyone on the internet? If so, how do I find it?

Hey @Andy.Grant, currently the SoFA IT Support category and the Admin & Moderation section are completely private.

You can view all sections by navigating to the forum’s root:

You’ll probably notice the SoFA IT Support section has a lock on it to indicate that it’s private. Private sections which are visible to you should show up with a lock on them.

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I also added a Private Discussion sub-category as well in case folks are wanting that. The curation of the Membership forums are in Membership Circle’s domain, so that’s where more discussion can happen.

Btw, the SoFA IT Support or SoFA IT Help are great places to learn about the forums and how it works :slight_smile:

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