Recent article about conflict in school using sociocracy

This article was really hard to write - and super vulnerable! - and I’m interested to hear from folks if it was helpful, or also if they have had similar experiences they are willing to share. Conflict is such a learning experience and at the same time, can be so painful! Also I’m really interested in the intersection between restorative justice and sociocracy. Would love to hear your thoughts!

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Thanks @hope.wilder-4900 for such a vulnerable and powerful post. This seems to be the process of “standing on the shoulders of giants” as we learn from you who have so many experiences and lessons learnt around conflict and other matters.

It does seem that there is a deeper intentionality that needs to drive sociocracy. For me, there are a plethora of readings, courses et al that have led me to SoFA for example. These all impacted my character and worldview. So by the time I arrive at sociocracy, I have a like-minded view of the world already and SoFA provides a framework and methodology for me to utilise.