Reducing Zoom recording space usage

A few weeks ago we received, through Ted, a notice that we (in SoFA) are (significantly) over the amount of space that Zoom provides for us to store recordings of our calls and meetings. We (in IT Circle) have taken steps to notify SoFA members who we believe may be best positioned to help us find any videos that we need to preserve, and we have a plan to start deleting older videos starting next week. Many of you have already heard me mention this, but we want to provide this notice here so that every SoFA member can hear or be reminded about this and act if necessary.

Please consider if you have any Zoom recordings that you want to preserve, and let us know at <> or by posting here if you need help with preserving any of these videos. This is essentially a last call: again, we will be working to delete older videos starting next week (the week of March 27).

Also, in the near future IT Circle will be working on developing a policy to ensure that we are more prepared to stay within our allotted Zoom storage space. We’ll be specifically seeking feedback from Training Circle and Continuing Education Circle about what would work best for them. Some ideas include more regular audits, more careful follow-up after causing a Zoom session to be recorded, and possibly renting more storage space from Zoom.

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