Reflections about sociocracy inside SoFA and outside SoFA

Reflections about Sociocracy inside SoFA and outside SoFA

This post is inspired by a request and an invitation made by Ted kere:

Sociocracy would work better if… (snappy answers allowed!)

Here you have a sample from my reflections about sociocracy inside SoFA and outside SoFA:

  1. I guess sociocracy would work better if people would be more involved in the communities of practice because CoPs allow us to explore, fail and learn at the same time. I love the communities of practice as there are no tensions to make hard decisions, so we can enjoy the process, become kids again and play a little bit to acquire new skills or strengthen those we already have. I love and sustain communities of practice. Who else does?
  2. I also think sociocracy would work better if every new member would have a friend and would have the opportunity to assume a responsibility of their choice. We could suggest a list of light responsibilities for new members, they could choose from. I think that will give them a sense of importance when joining SoFA.
  3. I guess sociocracy would work better if there would be a system that could help people keep the joy and enthusiasm that made them come in in the first place. Sadily, many times, people are in the situation of unpleasant experiences and more of these remain unsolved, bringing them frustrations so that finally they give up. Why not have a circle whose mission could be the membership wellbeing, facilitating understanding, communication, connection, communion. Let’s name it an “Escape” program where people could renew themselves.
  4. There are many ideas. Let’s look for the people to implement and sustain these ideas inside and outside the organization. Making these programs available outside SoFA, could become a source of income. Outsourcing services became a trend. Why not make SoFA become a provider of wellbeing for other organizations, even corporations? Discussing in rounds and being sure to be heard is a real healing process for all those people working in corporations whose voices are never heard. I think sociocracy could become an active agent in preventing physical and mental depression.

I am glad to be in your sociocratic companionship. Best wishes to all of you! :heart: