Report from the "big umbrella" - International Sociocracy Certification Board (ISCB)

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SoFA is cofounded and is part of the International Sociocracy Certification Board (ISCB) as a certifying agency. @jerry.koch-gonzalez has been the leading SoFA person on this. If certified by SoFA consultant level, consultants are automatically certified by ISCB.

ISCB is a bit of a community of practice for consultants, and we had a gathering today. These are my notes from the day.

Reports from other certifying agencies

  • The Austrian Center. Working with EU grants and happy with the growth.
  • Sociocracy For All. Keeps growing and is a bit overwhelmed with that growth. We’re a member-run nonprofit. The whole range from intro to Academy and Academy Level 2. Offer 4 levels (practitioner, facilitator, trainer, consultants). Successful conferences.
  • Governance Alive. New CEO. Getting people certified as facilitators and consultants. Worked with a blockchain business. Trying to unlock how to reach more info mainstream businesses overall.

We did a deeper dive

  • on Children’s Parliaments
  • on big organizations and issues of scale
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