Role Improvement Review

The process, as I understand the Role Improvement Review, is to allow the focus person (the one holding the role) to lead the discussion focusing on a) what went right, b) what was challenging, and c) what supports are needed in the plan. Although others may be present during the role improvement review exercise, only those selected to assist the focus person and the focus person contribute to the discussion and review. Once the plan is crafted by these participating individuals, it must then be consented to as well. Quick summary, not intended to be exhaustive.

At what point do the circle members more generally get to feed into the review? Or do they? Do they get an opportunity to consent to the plan?

We’ve got two of these coming up on Friday. Help!

Hey @kathleen.livingston
Let me see if I understand.
You’re referring to the role improvement review where we’re reviewing one person in a role, yes?
The people in the assessment circle - the group of people chosen to serve as feedback-givers - are typically the only people in the room. So I am not sure what you mean.
If the role is clearly situated in one circle, it makes sense to use the regular circle as the assessment circle in which case all circle members would give their input.
If I missed the point, please explain again what I missed.