Rolf Medina / meeting on self-organisation / online / invitation

Dear Sofa forum readers,
in behalf of Teal Breakfasts I would like to invite to the meeting devoted to self-organisation in the perspective of Rolf Medina. We will be discussing Rolf’s book in which he described many real cases from his research in the companies .

Join us if you are interested: Equality and autonomy: what is essential in self-organization? | LinkedIn


Dear Aleksandra,

Thank you for inviting us to that event organized on LinkedIn.

For me it was a joyful experience to listen again to Rolf Medina after I watched his speech at the last SoFA Conference.

I was also glad to feel the inspiring presence and comments of so many like-minded people who are looking for better and more effective ways for self-organizing and self-governing.

I liked the way you moderated the interview, including comments from people who joined the meeting. It was an efficient way to increase connection through inclusivity and participation by proxy.

Please let me know about other similar events you will organize on behalf of Teal Breakfasts.

Best wishes.

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