Seeking a representative of an org using sociocracy, for an interview

Greetings, I am an organizational development consultant and have a client that is interested in implementing sociocracy in their governance and management practices. They would first like to speak with a representative of a group(s) that already practice it. Anyone representing a sociocratic group open to being interviewed for 20 mins or so during their monthly meeting?

For reference, this a volunteer led group in White Mountains region of New Hampshire that is providing mutual aid and supports for local folks who are homeless or housing insecure. They currently offer day services and are growing toward offering emergency shelter and transitional housing.

Thank you in advance for reading this and considering supporting their ongoing work in this way!


Let’s say, maybe @Andy.Grant @john.l.clark or @audree.morin @madeline.greenwood, just thinking about people who are geographically close. @janet.wilkinson I’m happy to explore with you as well if none of the people poked respond.

These folks sounds like they’re doing exciting work, and I’d be happy to talk with them about sociocracy! I’m also a bit nervous at the prospect, to be sure. Do they think they have a preference for talking with one person, or would it be good for a set of us to come in for a conversation?

Ted, I had to chuckle at being referred to as “geographically close”. :slight_smile:

by comparison :smiley:

Thank you both so much! I will DM you, John

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