Selecting a child circle leader in the General Circle

When selecting a new leader for a child circle, what is the process when the nominee(s) is not present (e.g. not part of the general circle)?

Since the nominee can object. It seems we need a second meeting to re-do an objection round with the nominee. Also the nominee didn’t hear the feedback during the nominiation so they missed an interesting part…
Maybe a better way is to do it in 2-steps:

  1. Have a first meeting with the “understand” and “explore” phase of the selection process.
  2. Have a second meeting where all the nominees are invited and do the “consent” phase with everyone.

I don’t see how it could be possible to do it in one meeting if we don’t know who’s going to get nominated.

Another solution I’m seeing is considering the nominee as an “absent circle member”.
So the process would be to ask that person’s consent over email.
Only if the nominee responds by email that they have an objection, would we do a second meeting to handle that objection.

I’m presuming the same thing for the consent of the child circle. Ask the child circle by email if there is an objection. The general circle would do a meeting only if there is an objection from the child circle. Someone from the child circle that holds the objection would have to be present.