Shared Decision-Making vs. Shared Prosperity

Shared Decision-Makingr vs. Shared Prosperity

Is Shared Decision Power pointing to Shared Prosperity or not?

For me, being prosperous is not necessarily equivalent to being rich.

For me prosperity is something we enjoy with other people and is necessarily naturally renewable, I mean sustainable.

While richness is a temporary state, prosperity is more like a process that includes not only the access to various resources, but the transformation, sharing and enjoying the process.

Someone could be rich on his / her own, but prosperity is more like a collective state of abundance and joy.

Of course, this is a personal opinion and does not represent anybody else. I expect you to already know that I am just “a voice” and what I say represents my own thoughts and feelings.

Now, let’s go back to the subject.

What is or could be the relation between “shared decision-making power” and “shared prosperity”.

In my humble understanding, in order to reach a shared prosperity there must be a shared decision-making power first.

On the other hand, I think that a shared decision-making power could not survive too long if it does not generate (does not lead to) a shared prosperity.


Because people need to live, I guess, so they will invest their time and energy where they expect will enjoy prosperity.

That’s why people are so attached to the autocratic version of life. Because they expect to bring from there some prosperity for themselves, into their lives. If they would have another viable and sustainable alternative to choose, most people would switch to sociocracy. Or not?

I think that shared decision-making power without shared prosperity would become just an utopia. Or not?

I believe that shared prosperity should be an anchor included in the vision, mission and all the aims, if we want to spread sociocracy to each corner of the society. What do you think?

Your friend,
because I care

p.s. Yes, I strongly believe that shared prosperity is the glue to keep people together in sociocracy. I guess we should share prosperity at the same time we share the decision-making power. Are we able to raise the bar to the “next level”?