Sharing Printable Reference Documents

I’ve recently made a reference binder for one of my organizations. At this point in time, the sociocracy section is mostly filled with images I have pulled from the resources @john.l.clark has been working on to make the files related to MVOS accessible online. Mostly it has things like the various checklists, a page on the policy process and making proposals, a page on objections, print outs of a couple slides that I found very valuable from attending Ted Rau’s workshops, and the facilitator reference sheet. I’ve reformatted and resized the content to print nicely on letter sized paper if one is using sheet protectors, and I could fairly easily modify it to be able to accommodate a 3 hole punch if others had interest in that happening.

I’ve thought about sharing some of these resources, specifically the ones released under creative commons, which to my understanding is everything save for the slides from Ted’s presentations. I’ve looked briefly at details on the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license, and it looks like at the very least I should indicate that any files I make also have the same license and attribute credit to SoFA, while also acknowledging that I am not SoFA. I’m curious if there are requests around how I would do this. For instance, if I have a 12 page pdf full of various checklists or images from Many Voices One Song that I like to have be easily referenced during meetings, would I need to have a footer on every page that indicated this information, or just include it somewhere in the pdf? Are there requests around how I format this information or the specific wording I use?

I’ve also noticed that some resources on the website are downloadable as a pdf but not formatted for printing. For example, the facilitator sheet is formatted to be printed on a single sheet of paper 38.89 inches by 27.78 inches, and I’m wondering if in general there is a desire to have other resources on the website reformatted for print.

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Hi @Lainewyne :slight_smile:

Glad to hear the Creative Commons Library project is coming in handy!

I think I’ve responded to all of your inquiries below, but please let us know if not or of you have further question :slight_smile:

It would be great to have more print compatible resources. I think @TedRau laid many of them out some time ago and there’s probably more that can be done to format and compile :slight_smile:
If you re-work any of the files we can make them available or replace the downloadable versions on the SoFA site as well. You can send them to and we’ll make sure they get put up, or if you’d like to add them to the creative commons library via github that may also work. Currently it’s just MVOS content but we have a vision to accomidate more :slight_smile:

As for sharing SoFA CC materials and remixes elsewhere, we specifically ask (in line with the license) that people:

    1. Explicitly name Sociocracy for All when sharing or referencing the materials.
    1. If sharing online, link to SoFA’s website:
    1. Use the same license (usually NC-BY-SA 4.0 Creative Commons), and state that clearly. (Some content was originally released with the 3.0 license and if that’s the case, then that is the license that should be used.)
    1. If the materials are remixed, please do include a note on the materials stating that material are adapted or modified from Sociocracy for All materials and include a link (especially if online) and reference to the licensing. We have no specific stipulations about exactly how that is done other than it being clearly visible on the resources when people access them.

Please note that if the materials are going to be used for commercial purposes, then special arrangements should be made by contacting SoFA members have special usage allowances. Currently the Content Licensing Policy is undergoing review and refinement by Content Circle.

The Creative Commons Library Project was recently shifted under the domain of the Free and Open Source Content Circle which @john.l.clark and I are member of. I am a member of the Content Circle and helping usher along the review of the Content Licensing Policy.

I finally started working on making the changes needed to conform with the cc commons license last night, and I made a few pages to replace the print outs of Ted’s slides from class I kept in my reference binder, so now I think I have all of the information I like to reference in a format where it can be easily printed and I am allowed to share it with people.

While there are a few groups in person I know I want to share these documents with, I’m not sure if there will be much of a broader appeal for them. They are truly designed for “reference,” and assume that the people using them already know the basics of running meetings sociocratically but provides reminders for things that aren’t done as often or that have more steps. @cj.oreilly and @john.l.clark I am curious if you think any of these files or any of my working files would be worth including on the github and if so what directory?

I split the pages where I have images from the MVOS book into a different file from the pages that has some notes I wrote up that I like to be handy to reference. The CC license and attribution information is on page 4 because that is where it fit best, I hope that is ok?

To maximize real estate, I made 2 versions of each document. Each document has both a 1-sided version, and a 2-sided version, with margins that correspond to 1-sided and 2-sided printing respectively(You will still have to choose the appropriate setting when you print to confirm whether you want it to print as a 1-sided or 2-sided document, flipped on the long edge. I did a test print of the 2-sided version at my local library, and I believe the margins are suitable for most printers and allow space to use a 3-hole punch for placement in a binder.

All files are formatted for printing on US Letter paper(the most common paper size used in the US). When files are viewed digitally, links should be clickable.

It doesn’t look like the SoFA forums support pdf uploads, but I’ll email a copy of the reformatted facilitation sheet to the support email you listed and can email the other documents to whoever wants them.